Why our Online Immersion is a great way to learn Spanish

If you’re used to a face-to-face approach and are a little skeptical about online learning, you’ve probably asked yourself: “Is the experience online the same as in person?” “Will the format fit my lifestyle?” And you’re not alone. With the current health crisis, millions of students—of all grades, levels and subject matters—have migrated to online classes and have had to adjust to a new kind of learning. Truth is, it certainly doesn’t come without its challenges, but here at Fluenz we’ve created a language program that makes the whole experience smooth, fun and rewarding.  

Our Online Spanish Immersion is not like any online class because it’s based on our one-on-one Immersions. With a unique methodology that steps up  our participants’ level of Spanish, our program has the ability to take you to the fluency you’ve always dreamed of. 

You can choose between the Comprehensive Immersion and the Fast Immersion, you can also schedule your own sessions and adjust your speed as you progress. For 90 minutes you’ll have the best Spanish tutor leading you on the right path to unblock fluency.  And all the while, you’ll be monitored by our head coach, who’ll adjust your work in real time.

It’s that simple. Success is a click away. Want to try us out? Write us at: guestcare@fluenz.com