The Oaxaca Spanish Immersion: A Foodie and Mezcal Experience

Taking a week off—or more—to learn a language is not something everyone can do. There’s work, family, and other everyday responsibilities that get in the way of fulfilling some of our dreams and desires. But if for some reason you get lucky and are able to get away to join a six-day Spanish Immersion in Oaxaca, you want to make the best of your time. You want to learn Spanish, while staying in a great place, feeling good and surrounded by beauty. Right?

That’s what the Oaxaca Immersion is. An all around feel-good experience. 

In Oaxaca, food and mezcal are languages in themselves, which is why the Spanish Immersion also offers a journey through these unique forms of artistic expression. At Enrique Olvera’s Criollo on Wednesday night, we’ll be treated to a theatrical experience with Cocina de Humo, a several-hour sensory spectacle created for us.

We’ll visit the city’s most promising young chef for a private event at his home, while the maestro mezcalero at Convite, the city’s insider brand, will take us through his magic during an exclusive tour.

You won’t find anything like the Fluenz program anywhere in the world. Come join us when we open back up! Write us at