Live Yoga at our Online Spanish Immersions

Yoga at our Online Immersions comes all the way from the ancestral island of Mallorca in the Spanish Mediterranean. Inside a rural sanctuary, in a timeless space, Carmen Gomez brings us this ancient spiritual practice that connects the body and the mind.  

In our Mexico City Immersion we always hold a yoga class at the end of each intense day of study; not only does it serve as a break, but it also relaxes the outer, frees the inner, and helps us decompress and integrate everything we’ve learned.

Today we had another great online yoga event. The class was open to all our Online Immersion participants, and it was held in English and Spanish. All levels were welcome at this Yoga/Mindfulness session tuned to opening up the heart, the mind and the body. It was a great way to spice up the week and, for those who’ve never tried yoga before, a great opportunity to give it a shot. 

Our Online Spanish Immersion is about more than just learning the basic structures of the language. It’s also about taking part in activities that will complement your online program and further enrich your Spanish. They’re also a great way to take a break and let all the sequences sink in. 

So come and learn and have some fun while you’re at it. Write us for more information at