Improve your flexibility at our Online Spanish Immersion yoga sessions

Yoga has many benefits when it comes to language learning. It gives us inner balance, it stretches our mind and develops our consciousness, making it easier for us to flow through the complexities of learning a new language. It also teaches us to focus on the journey, not on the objective; so while reaching fluency is important, you have to pay attention to the process and to how your body is reacting to this new information. 

At Fluenz we’ve always integrated yoga into our Spanish Immersions—online and on-site—because we’ve seen how beneficial it can be for our participants, and Carmen has been an excellent guide. With every session, she helps us activate our energy so we can pour it into our everyday lives. This time around she has prepared a class focused on improving our flexibility, so come and stretch out your body and mind tomorrow morning!

The class is open to all levels. It will be presented in Spanish and English.

-A yoga mat (if you don’t own one, any non-slippery surface will do)
-A cushion and/or a blanket
-Your computer (to follow Carmen via Zoom)
-Good energy!

You can sign up on the Event Website. If you have any questions, write us at