The Fluenz Difference at our Online Immersion

You might be asking yourself, why Fluenz? What’s so special about their Online Spanish Immersion vs any another? Easy. It’s the most intensive program in the world, with stellar private tutors, an acclaimed methodology and real-time monitoring to achieve meaningful results.

How it Begins

First we meet with each participant in order to learn about their objectives and we make a thorough Assessment. We then proceed to create a bespoke plan of learning.

Tracks: how fast do you want to reach fluency?

The Comprehensive Immersion, which consists of 30 academic hours of one-on-one private tutoring. And The Fast Immersion, which consists of 15 hours with a private Spanish tutor.

How do we motivate you?

Throughout the entire Online Immersion program, the participants meet constantly with the Spanish tutors, the Fluenz Staff and the founder. This continuous context and motivation is what most online learning lacks, that’s what sets the Fluenz method apart.

Don’t put Spanish on the back burner. There’s no better moment to learn than now. Write us for more information at: