Enrique Olvera’s Criollo at the Oaxaca Spanish Immersion

Excellent Spanish, great food, amazing lodging. A string of adjectives that serve to somewhat describe the experience of the Oaxaca Spanish Immersion. The truth is, words won’t suffice to do it justice, only living it will do that. 

When you arrive in Oaxaca, you’ll be taken to one of the city’s most enchanting boutique hotels. For six days you’ll have one-on-one Spanish sessions with the most caring and accomplished coaches anywhere, as well as recovery time, talks with the best Mezcal masters to show us their secrets, visits around the city and unforgettable meals at some of Oaxaca’s foodie meccas, including chef Olvera’s Criollo restaurant, who also owns Pujol in Mexico City.

Located inside an old colonial mansion, Criollo has a cozy atmosphere and uses fresh and seasonal food as the basis of its kitchen. Everything is homemade, from the tortillas to the mole, and they have a 7-course menu that changes on a daily basis. 

When you come to the Spanish Immersion, you’ll not only have the pleasure of dining here, you’ll have a seat at the chef’s table and the opportunity to experience the magic of Criollo’s cuisine like no one else. 

Come have a taste when we open back up! Write us and we’ll send you a brochure: guestcare@fluenz.com