An unrivaled program and the best Spanish tutors at our Online Spanish Immersions

The Fluenz Spanish program is unrivaled because of its methodology and incredible teachers. We take you on a language-learning journey that will ultimately allow you to reach your next level. Whether you choose one of our Spanish Immersions in Mexico City, Oaxaca or Barcelona, or our Online Spanish Immersions, we can guarantee you’ll be amazed at your progress when you finish.

We’re aware that the world is changing and our face-to-face Spanish Immersions are still not ready to come back. However, if you’re ready to start your Spanish transformation with the best Spanish tutors in a one-on-one Immersion from the comfort of your home, then the Online Spanish Immersion is ideal. 

The Online Immersion starts with an interview to learn about your objectives and create a bespoke Spanish plan. You can choose a Comprehensive Immersion (30 hrs) or a Fast Immersion (15 hrs), and the best part is that you’re never on your own: throughout the Immersion, you’ll meet regularly with your online Spanish tutors, the Fluenz staff, and the founder. 

What could be better than having a learning plan based on your timing and your needs? No more excuses. For more information, write us at