Our Spanish Immersions: all work, all play

When Sonia Gil founded Fluenz over a decade ago, she was focused on recreating an essentially human tutoring experience on an interactive platform. She ended up creating the most comprehensive language-learning program designed for English-Speakers anywhere, basically because the company’s work is based on the proprietary linguistic models that reverse-engineer Spanish and other languages from the point of view of English.

A few years later she decided to bring all this knowledge to one-on-one language instruction, and that’s how the Fluenz Immersions were born. Taking into account the learning experiences of over 160,000 clients and millions of hours of learning, she created a personalized, high-impact training program to create breakthroughs for the Spanish of only 12 clients at a time. 

The first Spanish Immersion was in Mexico City. The excitement of such an enchanting city, together with an intense one-on-one program and six days of pampering and luxury, proved to be a recipe for success. Imagine staying at a beautifully restored mansion that offers great yoga and excellent food. What’s more, you have the opportunity to dine at the finest restaurants, go on private art tours, listen to brilliant minds give history talks, and more. 

Exclusive concierge service, butler service, private chef, master suites, you can’t beat that. It’s the adventure of a lifetime, where you get the chance to explore a language and a city at the same time. Plus, the program works; the intensity and focus of the one-week Immersion deliver a qualitative jump in every participant’s Spanish. You won’t believe how far you’ve come at the end of the week.

All our immersions are on hold—Mexico City, Oaxaca and Barcelona—but will be coming back next year. Comfort, luxury, great food and intense Spanish learning are at the core of all our immersions, so stay tuned! Write us for more information at: guestcare@fluenz.com