At our Spanish Immersions, Spanish and good food go together

At our Fluenz Spanish Immersions, we can’t imagine learning Spanish without having great food. And learning Spanish in Mexico City without incredible food is unthinkable.

Mexico has a culinary tradition that spans over 9000 years. Much more than just tacos and burritos, Mexican cuisine is characterized by flavorful ingredients such as corn, chili peppers and tomatoes, and its dishes are well known and loved around the world.

When you come to learn Spanish at one of our Spanish Immersions, we want you to experience Mexico City like a local. That’s why great food is part of the Fluenz program. All of our meals at the house are made with local ingredients and health in mind (vegetarian, pescatarian, and vegan options available). Additionally, we host a seven-course dinner with wines at the Chef’s table of world-renowned Pujol restaurant.

If you’re a foodie and want to learn Spanish with the best, come join us!