Luxe Getaways calls it “The Best Spanish Immersion”

Every time we read an article that celebrates our methodology and highlights our unique program, we feel fortunate. We’ve put in15 years of passion and hard work into transforming others’ lives. And we’ve succeeded. Now we want the world to know that there’s a solution for all the hopefuls who’ve had a hard time learning Spanish and—more so— reaching fluency. Here’s an excerpt of what Luxe Getaways had to say about our Fluenz Spanish Immersion.

“Whether it be for work, or for simply the convenience of being able to easily travel through Spanish speaking areas of the world, being fluent in Spanish can prove to be a very rewarding experience. I was instantly intrigued when I discovered the Fluenz language program since it combines the best of language immersion, culinary delights and a localized Mexico City experience. Founded by Sonia Gil, Fluenz offers the most comprehensive language-learning programs designed for English-Speakers anywhere. The company’s work is based on the proprietary linguistic models that reverse-engineer Spanish and other languages from the point of view of English.”

Click here if you want to read the full article. It’s well worth it!